What size of moulds can you build?

Moulds up to a product length of 3.5 meters and up to 40 tons in weight.
What hot runner system do you usually used?
  • Mold Master, Synventive, Hasco, Yudo and Husky, Incoe, etc


What type of CAD Files does Brothermold accept?

We can accept several different types of files: IGES, DXF, Auto Cad DWG, STL, PDF and many more.


What steel do you usually used?

We usually use steel of P20, H-13, S-7,420,420SS, NAK80, 1.2311, 1.2738,1.2343/1.2344, 1.2083, 1.2316, etc.

How about the terms of payment ?
  • 40% deposit, 30% first shot customer approval, 30 % after the customer final approval.

What is your after sales?

Our customer’s mold drawings and the whole data will be keep in database for 5years at least. so that when you need our technical support or service, we can be easy and possible to serve you and your customers.


What is involed in injection mold preventive maintenance?

All molds have moving pins in them to eject the part out. Maintenance will include periodic greasing of these pins, as well as all other moving components, and cleaning of the cavity and core surfaces.

How does the quoting process work?
  • Ourteam of quote specialists is the most responsive and the most hands on. Ourquote team is highly experienced in all areas of plastic injection molding.From design tips to material selection we guarantee that getting a quote hasnever been easier and quicker.

What is your scope of service?

Tooling design & Build

Prototype molds making

Injection mold manufacture

High Speed CNC Machining

Mold refurbishing, repairing, andmaintenance

Wire EDM

Mold Try-out

Machined components

Injection molding production

Precise mold  

Double injection mold

Overmolding mold

Hot & Cold runner system mold

Insert tooling

Unscrewing mould

Gas assisted mold

Large size mold

Multi & Single Cavity mold